Q : How long does it take to fit a tow bar / is it while you wait?

A : Most cars etc take 3 to 4 hours, motorhomes 6 to 8 hours (Approx)... It's not a while you wait job, that's why Kwik Fit don't do tow bars.

Q : Why does it take so long I can't see much when its done?

A : You can only see about 10% of the towbar, most of it fits down inside the vehicle structure accessed by the removal of the rear bumper and inside rear panels of your car. Also the towbar electrics on modern cars require the connections to be made often at the front of the car and not at the rear lights as used to be the case. There is a lot more to it than simply what can be seen.

Q : I keep personal belongings in the boot, should I remove them?

A : Yes please, in 99% of cases we have to empty the boot completely to fit a towbar.

Q : Will you have to cut the bumper?

A : Sometimes, but in most cases you cannot see where as it is the bottom of the bumper under the car. Be assured only the minimum will be removed and as neatly as possible.

Q : How will you connect the wiring?

A : We will always use the best option available for each vehicle dependant on your requirements and budget. Some vehicles however do have a plug in connection and others require crimp and or soldered joints.

Q : Can I help or watch in the workshop?

A : Sorry no, for safety and insurance reasons we cannot allow customers in the workshop.

Q : Can I have my old / second hand towbar fitted to a new car?

A : No, towbars are not universal and are not designed to be removed once fitted. Also many insurance companies do not cover events caused by used parts.

Q : I only need a towbar for a cycle carrier is it any cheaper?

A : No, all towbars legally have to be capable of carrying the maximum that the vehicle can carry, there are no basic / heavy duty versions.

Q : Do you have a mobile service?

A : Not normally, but during busy periods we may use outsourced workshops or fitters to get you on the road towing asap!

Q : Where will you fit the towbar?

A : In the middle of the car at the rear, approximately 1 foot from the ground... May seem obvious but people do ask!

Q : What guarantee do you offer?

A : We will always stand by our work and guarantee it for 12 months. The manufacturer of the components vary their guarantees but most give lifetime for the main tow bar, the main conditions being...

After 500 miles of towing and thereafter every year you must inspect your Towbar and

Re-torque all fixings to the values specified on the installation instructions. Repair any damage to the paint finish. Replace any damaged components. Only genuine parts may be used in order to benefit from the Lifetime Guarantee. We are happy to inspect your towbar at 500 mile completely free of charge by appointment only please.